The Coldest Turkey

November 9, 2019

...with your host Telegram Sam

In Episode 004...


A few listeners requested that I describe just how fucking awful going cold turkey really is so others may know the hellish time they can look forward to if they become addicted to narcotics.

I go into hideous detail about the truly disgusting things your body does as it turns on you like a sadistic enemy and you melt into a writhing bag of stinking, toxic agony and how it takes weeks and weeks AND ENDLESS WEEKS to feel any better, or least feel a little less awful.

If you've been running a major multi-times daily opiate addiction, you will suffer The Coldest Turkey of them all... and it's dangerous. People have gone into shock, had strokes, heart attacks, brain bleeds and more.

Singer Amy Winehouse reportedly died from stopping using suddenly, refusing all medical help. She died with no drugs or alcohol in her system. Ironic and very sad. Great talent gone far too soon.


In the second half of the show, our resident medical cannabis advocate Anthony Smilis from karthia.ca is back with some useful tips on how to use cannibinoids and other cannabis-derived medical treatments to help with your Harm Reduction program as you try to stop using...

And as usual... some great music from musicians you've likely never heard of... so open up the soundscapes of your tortured mind and listen to...

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